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Roof Cleaning

Stained or streaked roof? We have safely cleaned thousands!

Not only is a roof that is covered with mold and mildew unappealing, but more importantly these stains create “hot spots” which accelerate the deterioration of your roof.  We never use high pressure to clean roofs! High pressure not only can damage your roof but it usually voids roof warranties. Our soft pressure process cleans gently, without harming your roof and leaves it looking like new!  Not only will your roof look great it may even extend the life of your roof saving you thousands!

It is very important to remember a stained roof does not mean a roof replacement is needed – it is just dirty!

  • If it’s not leaking it probably does not need to be replaced-just serviced
  • Our process does not affect your roof warranty
  • No granule or shingle damage
  • We use no more pressure than a heavy rain
  • Extends roof life by eliminating hot spots
  • Kills mold instead of just removing visible stains
  • Two-year guarantee

SprayAway guarantees the streaks are gone and will stay gone! If any streaks return within two years we will come retreat your roof at no charge. That is the SprayAway guarantee!