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Pressure Wash

We will never “pressure wash” a house!

We reserve high-pressure cleaning for hard surfaces such as driveways, sidewalks, pool decks, parking garages, stadiums, department stores, graffiti, etc.

Our powerful hot-water, high-pressure machines coupled with the right chemical cleaning agents will get these surfaces their absolute cleanest. While hot-water cleaning is great for restoration, it is essential for the removal of chewing gum. SprayAway has become the go-to company for just this type cleaning. We use state-of-the-art equipment offering the highest pressures available, heated water and various platforms for the delivery of the water. Additionally, we use various chemicals, detergents and cleaners with our pressure wash to further improve results.


While our competition uses high pressure, we rarely do! We have learned over the years that no matter how careful you are, high pressure is destructive. By its very definition, the goal with pressure washing is to blow the dirt off of the surface, but often the surface is damaged in the process.

We have developed a SprayAway SoftWash system that is revolutionizing pressure washing. We use 35 HP engines on our pressure washers that develop massive water-flow while keeping the pressure much lower. The SprayAway pressure wash is high water flow with medium pressure thus preserving the surface integrity.

At SprayAway, we not only developed SoftWashing we have revolutionized pressure washing.