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There are amazing opportunities with SprayAway SoftWash! We have outgrown our capacity to service our customers. For 20 years, we have serviced a seven-state area from Columbia and Charleston, South Carolina. Now, there is too much business to proceed this way.

After studying the different ways to serve our clients we have decided the only way to assure the quality and standards we have established is to create regional offices. These offices will be independently owned but adhere to our policies and standards. It will be much like a franchise but without the restrictions and expenses.

What is the SprayAway SoftWash opportunity?

SprayAway SoftWash is positioned unlike any other opportunity! We spent time with investors, franchiser’s as well as brokers to see what makes a successful franchise and what are the drawbacks of a franchise. Using this information we created our Partnership Package!

What are the keys to success and how have we addressed them?

Overview oPartnership

  • True partnership ensures all parties have a strong commitment to mutual success (vested in each other)
  • All parties profit from success in all markets
  • Investment covers set up costs and marketing
  • Minimal start up costs
  • You own your territory and only pay for chemicals as noted on Schedule C and annual renewal
  • What you sell, you keep!
  • You will be considered first for future territories
  • You get sales support, on-going training and unlimited phone support
  • Sales are divided 80%/20% on of territory sales

Keys to a successful Franchise

Market Viability – SprayAway is unique in that you have a product that is viable and profitable with a proven track record

Profitability – SprayAway, its products and services, enjoy tremendous margins

Competition – SprayAway has no true competition*

Cost – With our revised program (if you qualify), has a very low cost for a guaranteed protected territory

Start Up Time – To be successful you must start earning immediately! With our program you can be profitable your very first week and recoup your investment in weeks or months

Support – SprayAway prides itself on its free ongoing support. We are invested in your success. We only make money if you are making money.

National Accounts – SprayAway has established national accounts that you get paid for!

Guidance – SprayAway provides an intense and comprehensive training. We come and train you, work with you and for you in your territory. We stay with you until you are up and running and completely trained.

Protected Territory – Your territory is 100% protected! No one, even SprayAway corporate, can work your territory without prior written permission.*

Growth – The market is absolutely untapped. Earning potential is unlimited and our partners get the rights to new territories first!

Productivity – A single worker should be expected to produce at least $8,000.00 per month –

  • For it to be a true partnership both parties must succeed – We work for our partners not the other way around. Our sales force sells to drive your business
  • It must be viable – We have more business than we can handle and a 20 year track record of success
  • Affordable – Start-up costs are very affordable and partial financing is available
  • Sustainable – Every customer can be a repeat customer for life and the market is wide-open

Chemical wash vs. Pressure wash

  • Destruction vs. preservation
  • You do not have to cover every inch – efficiency
  • It uses much less water – green EPA certified – green